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What we do

We speicalize in affordable technology repair. We can work on your mobile phone, personal computers or business computers and networks. If you have had a hard drive crash or your cell phone get damaged and you felt the heartbreak of loosing all your photos. We can help.

  • Cell phone repair
  • Laptop / Desktop repair
  • Network design and installation

We use several software programs in order to recover your data. If there is a mechanical issue with your hard drive, we will rebuild the hard drive in order to recovery your data. After we recovery your data we can store it on a flash drive or copy it to a second hard drive. If we are not able to recover your data. You will not be charged for any work that was done on your hard drive.

Have you ever lost your photos of your children or from vacation? If you have you know the heartbreaking realization you might not get them back. We pride ourselves on being able to recover your lost photos and videos.

Have you dropped you phone the screen will not turn on? Have you dropped your phone in the pool? We know your phone goes everywhere with you and you can be without it. You have photos, phone numbers and maybe even a voicemail that you have been saving for years. We work on many different types and brands of phones. Schedule an appointment.

About Service

Easy and effective way to get your device repaired.

Honest Services

If we are unable to repair your device you will not be charged.

Secure payments

Payments made using Square payment

Expert team

We employee 2 tech on site that hare more than 15 years experience.

Affordable services

Prices as low as $75.00 for phone screen repair.



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